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  1. Thanks, MOTION is the effect I was looking for Marc
  2. Hi, From time to time i insert letters in my movies. To read these letters in the movie the Ken Burns effect is very good. But VP has only from corner to corner and Pan in Pan & Zoom. I miss a Tilt, from bottom to Top or revearse. I looked almost all the effects but there's none that can please me. Where can I find a tool that can help me to read from Top to Bottom in the movie? Marc VP 8.68 MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
  3. Thank you very much. I also will see if I can make the original files a smaller. I saw a file of 5 seconds with 19,4MB. When I open the same file in thumbnails it's 1,1MB but measurements are than 120x90. I keep your advice in mind.
  4. All my files are MOV and are quite large. The extension on the sound-files is .wav, but hardly use live sound. When I will finish this project it will be almost an hour duration and maybe 4MB. How large will my MP4 file be?
  5. I'm editing and the project itself is already 33 minutes. Before I open the .vpj-file I wanted to know how many kb it's already. The project has now VPJ - 1,9MB. Is this normal for a vpj-project? I have MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and VideoPad Pro v8.40 Marc
  6. I can't open the link on Mac. Safari can't open the .exe file because it has a Windows extension at the end. I run macOS Mojave 10.14.6. Marc
  7. Hi, I noticed that since i upgraded to v7.30 and v7.33 the red cursor in the timeline is always very bumpy. I can't have a smooth view from the pictures in timeline. In Clip Preview the cursor works very well and the clip is shown clear and smooth. Because of the bumpy cursor in Timeline i mis half part of the movie in Sequence Preview. The bumpy pictures are very for the eyes because you see only have of the movie. This was not in v6;64. How can i solve this problem? Regards , Marc
  8. I just finished a project 16:9 and i want to create an mp4 file of my work. The whole day I've been working and searching how to do. Since i've an update of MoviePad things are different. I've v7.30 latest update. When i want to create an mp4 file i don't succeed anymore. To create a file of the project there's now Letterbox, Crop & Zoom, & Strech in Export. Things have changed. Before it was not and i had no difficulties to make an mp4 file. This project I made in size 16:9 but there are some pictures and old movies size 4:3. How can i make a proper mp4 file of my project? With those 3 objects i don't succeed. When i use Letterbox there's no movie at all, when i use Crop & Zoom left & right side will be cut and in Strech all the pictures get wide. What do i need to do? marc I use MacOs Mojave 10.14.6
  9. Macfly, i noticed that in my yesterday's edits some pictures from my Photos are gone. VP names he pictures all "Fullsizeoutput" even how i named the pictures. There is fullsizeoutput_2bc7.jpeg f.i. That's a problem to find the picture again after i didn't edit a project for a while. But it helps with a submap because the number and extension will stay the same and the pictures stay in. (I use the Mac App Store version) Thanks, Marc
  10. Hi, When i add a picture to the project i'm busy and open it a few days later to continue the project, i very often get the message "File does not exist" when i want to reopen the project. First a window appears to resolve the picture(s) . When I finished solve the project will load again but the pictures i solved are not in. When i add again a file and click the picture the message File does not exist appears again. Pictures are .jpg or .jpeg. It happens to with Snapshots. Do i need other extensions? Sometimes i clean my Mac with CleanmyMac program but i suppose this can't have any effect on VP. It happens too much. I have VP 6.03 and that's the last update i got from NCH. I use Mac Sierra 10.12.6 Marc
  11. I'm using 6.03, the latest version. Is there an other one coming? Marc
  12. I start to make a movie of athletics from long ago. So i have a first clip of athletes running but the second clip should be the athletes running backwards in time to start the past. The button Reverse doesn't work anymore. Until now it worked always very well. Even when i shut down VP, or my Mac en restart everything the Reverse button doesn't work. Marc
  13. Thanks borate, the items i want to insert had a PDF extension. Now it's jpeg and i can insert them. Regards, Marc
  14. Since a few days i can't use the Add File(s) button anymore. It happened before but until now i succeed to solve the problem. The pictures i want to add to my movie won't import to the Images bin. Is there somebody who can help me? I have VP 6.03 Mac Regards, Marc
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