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  1. Exactly right, THANKS, I saved the corrected file as .vjp (noob error) so every time I started "new" project, one of the files I put in was a .vjp DUH You are a great help, happy holidays! BOB
  2. Thanks, but this was a NEW project. When I call for a new project how can VP even have any "memory" of a "missing" file? Logically I cannot understand why the software would do that? I was starting a new project and copying in files fresh. Yes, they were the same files as in a previous project, but I told VP NEW.
  3. I have about 20 files (short mp4 clips) in a folder. One was inverted because the smart phone camera did that as I held camera in a horizontal plane to get the shot of a paper laying on a desk. I took that one into VP and fixed it and saved it as a project file. Now when I try to move/load all the 20 files including the one I fixed, VP is giving error message that this original file (now renamed) cannot be found. I don't want it found as I fixed and replaced it. This is a "new project" so how is VP even getting that file name? Confusing that it's a new project looking for a file that is deleted & not needed. Help? How do I tell VP to forget about this file? Thanks.
  4. Long story short, I was dragging the red bracket/click begin, drag the blue bracket/click end. That made common sense to me. What you need is drag red line, click begin, drag RED LINE AGAIN, click end. Somewhere I think I saw the editor called "intuitive" and I gotta take exception to that, nonetheless thanks for sticking with my issue, BOB
  5. With the help of the screen shot video I figured it out, back to you later. Bob
  6. Hi, I downloaded the latest update to my paid version, it says it's "unlicensed", is this a problem? Do I need to pay for every update? IIRC the original had a limit on the size or run time on videos. I need to do videos of some length 20-30 min. Thanks. I am trying to see if this new version solves my problem with deleting sections of clips. Wish me luck. Loading the audio seems to take maybe 10x as long on this version, pretty slow. When I look at the clips I added (original clips in upper left box) the audio processing is "bouncing around" from .mp4 to the next and I can't tell what's been processed and what has not? Do I wait like a couple of hours until all that bouncing activity stops? I am following the instructions on your post (time post 1:21). Doesn't work. I drag the red line to where I want to start the DELETE, click start. Drag the blue line to where I want to end delete . THE END BUTTON IS GRAYED OUT. Cannot click it. So this very simple to me procedure is already not working. Can you help?
  7. Hi, Maybe my issued is I am on a different ver.? Nothing seems to work the way you explain. Still trying & thanks so much. I am on 4.11 If I am trying to edit a FINAL version is that the problem? See previous ques. The "type" is Videopad project.
  8. I did what you said in the upper (preview box ) and nothing happens. I used down arrow to move it down to the timeline/storyboard area and rclick in a black box and the complete movie is deleted, not just the black box area (what I want to delete). Please help. This is the finished movie I am working with. Do I have to start over and edit each of a dozen clips individually, then drag them one by one onto timeline? Sigh.
  9. C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\YT Videos backup\Home repair chainsaw work fell tree near fence danger accidents by froggy See above on Google Drive All I did was... Multiple video clips with pixel 3xl phone, xfer to my desktop. Drag into videopad, delete extraneous footage using split function (shows as black & or gray boxes) Export video file onto folder on my desktop Upload to YT using YT uploaded (not the uploader inside Videopad) Uploaded video on YT includes many minutes of black deleted footage. THX PS I have done this hundreds of times without as much deleted footage with zero problems, this is a paid pro ver. of videopad. Bob (froggy's garage)
  10. I did r-click & don't recall that option, will try again now. THANKS! Tried, in the upper window and the sequence below, no option will try in storyboard mode, I never use that. Storyboard only had one very small piece of a clip. Not the whole set of about 8 clips with lots deleted,
  11. I deleted a lot of a long video which now shows as black areas on the sequence. Tried to export as normal & that's fine EXCEPT the software also exports the deleted (black) areas as if they were video. WTF? This does not make any sense to me, but what do I know? Not enough I guess. How do I export the video WITHOUT the black/deleted areas? Thanks I hope.
  12. I just copied them from the camera folder to the desktop computer folder using windows copy/paste. Maybe the camera app (nexus 6p stock android camera app) does it (pillarboxing), but I asked the tech support at google fi (where the phone & phone monthly service comes from) and they were enthusiastic but kind of clueless, which I pretty much expected from level 1 tech support. I am ready to assume now that it's the app on the phone does it. It's a bare bones camera/video android app. Maybe I can find a support group for it. There are other "better" camera apps also. Thanks so much. I will post back if I get anywhere. :)(
  13. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gzZzaR7aAIRh3GWBvnNqweAAfKcv-GiG This is a link to drive.google.com, a folder with 2 short video clips (raw mp4) direct off camera. When I process using VideoPad one gets pillarboxed and one not. Thanks if you can help me figure out how to prevent this. One guess is that the INITIAL orientation/angle/tilt of the camera establishes some parameter that gets embedded in the properties of the mp4 clip. That gets "picked up" by VP and results in the pillarbox. Of course with these type videos I need to move the camera around as the clip runs. Maybe I need to hold the camera to start the clip like I was taking a shot off in the "distance" then move in and point it down? I may have slightly done that in one clip vs. the other. Thanks so much. Bob
  14. Yes, I let the smart phone just default to basic settings. It seems to happen when I am holding the camera over the subject (think like taking a video of your feet). But I ALWAYS HOLD the camera in the landscape orientation. I did not see any earlier suggestion, sorry, new to how this forum works. I was having trouble getting login id/pw maybe missed it. Thanks Here is a link to one of the videos that it happened on, two clips total, stitched together with video pad, one gets letterboxed & the next not. My "angle" IIRC was the same pretty much.
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