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  1. Peter354

    Using mask

    Right that's solved it , looking at the web site noticed that there is a mac system which I down loaded, to find that the version I've got on windows is outdated , so now have downloaded latest window version, to find that there is a check box under mask ! Thanks for everybody ,who helped and will now use the mac version as it will help on memory
  2. Peter354

    Using mask

    Not sure whether I'm going stupid or that maybe I have a older copy of the program , have had for couple of years but I assumed that it would update. I will add that I have the free copy as want to see if it will do what I want before purchasing, and that Im running on a emulator from a mac, which can slow thing down a bit , but not enough to miss check boxes have enclosed a screen vidio of what I do to bring up a mask ,and can see nowhere to uncheck a box (or would have done if I could see where to save att. On clicking insert other media ,it tells me I dont have any existing , or asks for a http)
  3. Peter354

    Using mask

    hi thanks for everybody who has replied. Have managed to do most of it. The bit that is causing the problem is check “Mask Inside” . cannot find that control anywhere , have a background box, but not a inside /outside tick box?
  4. Peter354

    Using mask

    I should have added its a video I'm trying to mask off . Could do it frame by frame, but looking for something that would mask off selected bits in the whole video peter
  5. Peter354

    Using mask

    What I'm looking to do is add a overlay to a background . I can do this using crop, but being square. it doesn't conform to the shape very wellleaving a lot of the background still there . Have been experimenting with mask, but still cant find a away to mask something off, and remove everything not in the mask Have tried green screening it but it still removes everything in and outside of the mask . am I being too optimistic peter
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