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    Divx to .ISO

    Thank you very much. Express Burn works like a charm. I appreciate your time and knowledge. Rob
  2. robpeet

    Divx to .ISO

    Thanks. You appear to know what you are talking about. Perhaps you can enlighten me. When I get a DVD Movie from a friend, I will copy it to my hard drive through DVD SHRINK, and it ( the Movie ) is converted to a .ISO file. I then will go to my folder and right click '' burn image.'' Is there a way to input a .divx file and make a DVD from it? WHAT OUTPUT extension would I need to make a DVD copy?
  3. robpeet

    Divx to .ISO

    I am trying to convert my .divx to .iso to I may burn them to a DVD. It doesn't seem to give me a ''.iso'' output option?
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