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  1. Maybe I must explain. We running a 24 hour Tyre Breakdown service and repair business. We buy our Tyres and other stock such as valves tubes rims bolts and nut etc. from different suppliers. NOW!! I bought a tyre from supplier (CREDITOR) ABC and fit this tyre on an breakdown. About 100km from where we fit this tyre we get a blow out on this tyre. So..... we have to put in a claim. For my own safety and future reference I have to put this into my computer as a GOODS RETURN FOR CREDIT. After 2 weeks the supplier reports back, YES THIS IS A CLAIM AND WE WILL CREDIT YOUR ACOUNT WITH THE AMOUNT. What must I do with this credit I received from the supplier? I HAVE TO READ THIS CREDIT ONTO THE SUPPLIERS (CREDITOR) ACCOUNT BECAUSE I HAVE TO PAY THIS AMOUNT LESS AT THE END OF THIS MONTH. If I go to top menu View → Credit Notes → New+ I only get the credit option for my CUSTOMERS (DEBTORS) who have to pay to me for my services AND NOT THE CREDIT I NEED FOR MY SUPPLIERS FROM WHO I BUY
  2. If I return goods back to suppliers I need first an GRV (Goods Return Voucher) as proof of the sending and when I received the credit from the seller I have to allocate this Voucher into an credit note. Where can I get this function on Express Accounts? Kind regards Mrs S Odendaal South Africa
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