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  1. Hello, What is the best ORIGINAL video format in terms of picture fluidity for a video to be transfered into a DVD with Videopad ? I'm currently trying to transfer a sport game from MP4 and M2TS files into a DVD but the result has a poor definition (blurred mouvements). Note that this is not because of the limited capacity of the DVD : as a result the disc is far from being fully used. Shall I convert the original files into avi or any other else format before doing anything else ? Thanks
  2. Thank you. I go back to work on that and will tell you...
  3. Hello. Since it is my first post here, I guess I should start with thanking you for this help forum (hoping it will be helpful to solve my own problem !) To the point : I edited a video with Videopad with several small video inserts on the main picture (some static on the corner of the screen, some moving from up to down, etc...) When I save the video on a DVD (I mean movie DVD, to be played on a living room device), the meticulously set scales of the inserts are not respected at all (in terms of size and position) making the whole picture's composition ugly. Curiously, that does not occur when the video is saved as a video file such as an avi... Thanks in advance for your help !
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