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  1. I record interviews. I would like to have the interviewer, say, 60% on the left channel and 40% on the right channel, and the interviewee, the reverse. That is, one a little louder on one side, and the other a little bit louder on the other. In order to do this, I would need to record each (left, right) channel separately or conjointly in the same track. So, what do I do? Run multiple instances of Wavepad and then later mix one track with a left slant and the other with a right channel slant? Or is there a way to mix two microphones into one stereo (independent channels) track, which then I could adjust with left/right through wavepad? Or something else? I'm really not sure how to achieve this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I see that the newer versions of WavePad Master's edition include sound recording features. Does RecordPad have features that aren't present in the WavePad software? Just to clarify, I already own WavePad, but an older version that doesn't include sound recording. I could purchase the new version of WavePad to record, or RecordPad, or both since having a second license for WavePad to work on a 2nd computer would be nice. Question is, do I need both? If I get WavePad Master's, are there features from RecordPad that will be missing from that? Sorry if it isn't clear... Ask questions, it'll get clear I promise...
  3. Not an exact answer, but I think there are FREE FTP clients that can auto-upload any new files that appear in a given directory.
  4. Er, I apologize for my noobness, but I can't find it under any menus on my version? Using 6.21 here... Unless it's a plugin or something, or maybe I am just blind? I tried looking up the help to search for "trim silence" but ... Help isn't searchable? Thanks for the help! And crap now my license is only OK for version 7 but not 8, my software never notified me of updates, or via email either, and where's the download for the last version 7.x?
  5. Are there any? I've heard that with LOTS of training, windows can become decent at SR. However, since I work with audio FILES, and not LIVE DICTATION, it's truly a pain to train windows. A tool that would let me specify text files for me to read out loud in "windows SR training" would be awesome, and also perhaps a tool to help use recorded audio into training the WSR engine. I know this isn't exactly WavePad related, but it's WavePad I use to do my editing... Thanks, and keep up the great software!
  6. Thanks, it does help! Right now my flowchart would read something like this: Heavy compressor -> Normalization -> noise gate Does that appear to be an effective sequence, to you people of greater experience with sound things? Thanks
  7. I edit recorded speeches and lectures. Many times, there are silences in the audio file that are too long. For example, a 3 second silence might be OK in live, but in a recording, it's too long for no reason. Is there a way for me to shorten all silences in the file, say, all silences above 1s get reduced to 0.75s? I would really like that. Tool, macro, something? Thanks
  8. So I record interviews with 3 different voices and edit them with wavepad. But the final product has several consistency issues, all relating to the average perceived volume of each voice. Each person has a different volume, and even though it's a lot of work, I select each and adjust amplification until it all seems to be pretty much the same volume throughout. Then I can use normalization with perceived loudness and get a semi-decent result. Any thoughts or ideas on how to go about getting fairly equal loudness throughout, beyond what I am doing? Thanks
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