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  1. I re-re-installed and it is currently working, so if & when it breaks again, I'll figure out a way to share it so someone can take a look. It seems to continue working if I tell the clip preview to play FIRST and make sure I am playing a non-selected area of the clip. When it gets to the part of the clip I want to add, drag the endpoint to somewhere after it. Then it will keep playing. Usually.
  2. I'm on a Mac and so that particular version won't work for me. I did reinstall and the problem went away, but after maybe 30-45 minutes of work, it's back. It will only play the clip preview for sections of the clip NOT selected, which makes it useless for actually selecting anything to add to the sequence.
  3. VP seems to have become unusable for me overnight, and I'm not sure why, but it's pretty upsetting. Here's what's going on. I have a project with four video files in the media bin. Three of them are fine -- or were yesterday, when I was working with them -- but the fourth one is a nightmare. I can click on it so it's showing in "clip preview" but when I try to actually watch the video, only the audio will play, even when the file has been fully cached. The video will move when I drag the start or end points of my selection, but when I click on 'start' or 'end,' it goes back to the old selection with the video frozen. I can watch the clip ONLY if I'm trying to watch a part of it I have not selected to add to the sequence, but once I add it to the sequence, I can no longer watch it in clip preview or change its endpoints. Sequence preview works maybe half the time; the other half it gives me the audio only. I've tried deleting the file and clearing the cache and adding it all over again. I've tried starting over with a new VP project. That worked fine until I added something to the sequence, and then everything went crazy again. The project is not very complicated so I don't know why VP is freaking out. Any ideas of other things to try? I guess the file itself could be corrupt but it's the same type & provenance of the other files I'm working with, and it was working fine yesterday. ETA: I started a new project with a new video file I've worked with before, and this is still happening. I add the clip to the bin and click on it so it appears in "clip preview." I select the part I want and add it to the sequence, no problem. When I try to do it again, I can ONLY watch video I do NOT have selected. The first image will play; the second one will not. If I drag the endpoint in the first screenshot to encompass the cursor, the video freezes. ????
  4. Success! Thanks, Lou. I was sure I'd tried that but I guess I hadn't done things in exactly the right order. Thanks again.
  5. I've recently started using VP and mostly like it, but I have one project that is driving me crazy. I have one sequence composed of 12 clips, and for 10 of them, the storyboard thumbnail is exactly the same (and it's a frame I'm not even using). I absolutely cannot figure out how to fix it. I've tried right-clicking on the sequence preview and choosing "use this frame for thumb frame," and I've quit the program several times and restarted it, I emptied unused files from the cache, and I believe I even emptied the entire cache and rebuilt it -- I checked "clear all cache files on exit" and then exited the program, so presumably that's what happened. Nothing works. Is there anything else I can try? I'm running 5.01 on a Mac, if that makes any difference. Thanks!
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