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  1. Hey hey, I downloaded the latest version. It works better indeed. Thanks to this version there is no slowmo anymore and that's quite revealing, hehe. Unfortunately when there is a transition between 2 cuts, or when there would be a fade out it keeps on saying "building preview". Doesn't matter how many times I give it time to build that damn preview and never builds it xD .... maybe it's because of my pc ? I already tried lowering prev. resolution , unfortunately didn't help. I'll give a kick to the "clear unused files". In anycase, it works better and I can work x)
  2. Hello there, I purchased my videopad video editor software from NHC in September 2015. From one minute to the other my sequence preview and the whole programm got screwed. When I try to see the video I'm working on in the sequence preview/the preview/effects my video is constantly stopping(freezing/lagging),my video for some reason is always in slowmotion and also at one point it just stops and says: building preview even though the video has already loaded in. I really don't know what to do and unfortunately I cannot work like this anymore. I already tried to reinstall the pr
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