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  1. Not trying to be difficult here but what is the sense of a forum if you can't ask questions that you need help with? I would think the community at large would benefit and your support tickets would decrease if other users with the same issues came here and found an answer to their problem rather than hiding it in 'tickets' where no one but one person benefits from it. I mean I understand that you don't want to support someone who does not have a valid key or something similar to that... if that's the case that's a different animal.
  2. Well if I"m using NCH Express invoice isn't that NCH software product? I"m not the only one having that issue.... I have found a couple of topics and NO ANSWERS..........
  3. Having that same problem...... will save a paid invoice but not an unpaid one......... asked a few times and no one answers......
  4. Is there any sort of support for software I buy here?
  5. Thank you but it's not working. I have tried save and I have tried the menu save as pdf and it's not working.
  6. My software is registered yet I cannot save an invoice as a PDF.... Suggestions? Thank you!
  7. Is there a way or how do I have this send invoices automatically to people/companies that have outstanding bills? Like say send on every 15TH of the month...
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