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  1. Thanks for the effort everyone
  2. Hi Funnily enough, it says its size is 88kb. The notepad looked blank when I opened the VP project in notepad, but there were spaces. Does it still mean that I will have to start all over again? Thanks
  3. Hi I tried to open it in notepad, but it came up with a blank page Do you know the reason for this and what is there that I can do? Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks for replying. I do have the file in my drive, so that isn't the problem. I also tried opening it from VP by navigating to the file, but that didn't work either. It came up with the same error message as before. I also tried to open from the recent projects, but also not working. Is there anything else I can do? Can I use applications like recuva to recover the file? I found this solution here: https://www.piriform.com/docs/recuva/using-recuva/recovering-files-from-damaged-or-reformatted-disks Thanks EDIT: I attempted to recover using recuva, but it didn't work I'm afraid
  5. Hi I tried to open a project of mine that I was working on for a few weeks yesterday, when it came up with this message: It is saved on an external hard drive so I used another PC to try and open the project, but the same message came up. I tried to open previous projects and they opened up perfectly fine. I didn't notice anything strange when I saved my project last. Is there any way I can fix this problem and retrieve back the project I was working on? Thanks
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