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  1. So I rendered the video, and it appears to have just been a slight glitch that the effect wasn't visible in the sequence preview because I could see it fine in the final product.
  2. I am trying to add a motion blur effect to my video. I have put the video in the timeline, and then I open the effects panel by right-clicking on the video in the timeline (not in the media window) and clicking "effects". The effect window open fine, I am able to add my motion blur, adjust keyframes, and everything seems to work. I can clearly see the motion blur in effect in the clip preview (my links to pictures won't accept), but when I try viewing it in the sequence editor, it doesn't look like there's any motion blur beyond what comes with the camera. Is this just a visual bug and the rendered video will look fine, or is there something else wrong that I need to fix? Thanks
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