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  1. Vapors, I don't see anything like a blue question mark (or a question mark of any kind). Dave
  2. I just got WavePad and came across the reference to Sound Tap. If anybody has had any experience in using these i'd like to know the difference. Where will I get the better sound quality? I'd be taking a spoken recording from my cassette tape player and, then, editing it for use on a podcast. Thanks for your help. And also, I can't figure out how to get the WavePad Usrs Manual. Help here too would be appreciated. Dave
  3. I bought WavePsd and it arrived several hours ago. I installed it, updated it to the latest version, opened it, and everything seemed fine. EXCEPT, despite hints on the site that the Users Manual can be found "within" WavePad I could not find it anywhere. I searched through every menu for it. Can anybody tell me how to get ahold of it? Thanks. Dave
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