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  1. I have a videofile (mp4) with no sound and a soundfile (waw) from an other source. First I have to change the clip speed of the sound file to get it to sync with the video. That doesn't surprise me. But then (when it is well synced in the editing) I export the video as .avi and plays it with Windows Media player, it gets out of sync as the video plays. Why and what to do about it?
  2. Hi, I have a similar issue that probably is the same bug? Thought I'd share, just in case. If I add a mp4 video file from my gopro its is in stereo, but if I add a mp3 music file from Youtubes library, I can suddenly only hear the mp4 video in the left channel. The mp3 is stereo. If I remove the mp3 music file, the mp4 videos sound is back in both channels. Is it the same bug?
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