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  1. Thanks, Nat, I appreciate your help. Mike
  2. Thanks a lot, Nat. I didn't realise that there was a "Sequence" bin!!!! However, for some reason, all the 4 tracks are now merged into one, so not possible to make any further edits to anything that was on video track 2 or audio tracks 1 or 2. Why is it designed like this? Mike
  3. If I have, say, 3 sequences which I want to put together, one after the other, to make my complete video, how do I do it? Copy and Paste, including text media and music, ie 2 video track and 2 audio tracks, is somewhat difficult - or virtually impossibe. There is nothing in the PDF instructions on how to deal with Sequences in this respect, nor can I see anything in the webpage instructions. Please help!
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