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  1. Hi, Has anyone out there successfully deployed the BMS software?? Although it seems to work OK, I can not get it to fade the background music when it plays the test announcement. I can still hear the music in the background. It does fade but not completley. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I have installed BMS and when the test announcement plays the external music does not fade completely. Is it supposed to??
  3. Hi, I just downloaded and installed BMS. The system woks fine although when the test announcement comes on it does not completely fade my external music source. I can however, using my windows sound control panel, turn down the line in and eliminate the background music and hear the test annoucement only. When the test is finished, the slide bars return to normal. Again when the test message comes on the line in slide bar does not go completley down shutting off external music. Can anyone help?? Thanks Mike
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