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  1. Community-- I am using Express Burn on a trial basis.I wish to create my Audio CDs whose tracks contain the metadata (album, track name & number, etc.) found within my MP3 files on my hard drive. At burn time, I select the CD-text option and proceed to do the burn, but post-burn I find that NO metadata is contained within the created tracks based upon what I see with Express Rip, and WMP 12. Having exhausted all avenues, I'm wondering if this is a driver issue, and not a problem with Express Burn. Question: Does NCH release its own (CD) drivers with Express Burn, or do rely upon the e
  2. Having created a CD-R Audio Disc that includes track-level metadata (track number, track name, etc.) I attempted the Copy Disc function only to find that the metadata was NOT copied from my source disc to my destination (empty) CD-R. Color me disappointed! Am forced to find a software alternative!
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