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    VRS - Network

    Hello, i need to save each recording-channel in seperate Folders in my network-area. The mirror-function over FTP is no Option. If I select the right path, a failsure-message appears, when the Software is saving a file one channel: "check if the Folder exist, it is protected or there is not enough space" in the windows-area i can write in the selected Folder, there is enough space.... Who can help? Greetings Matthias
  2. Thanks for your reply, the problem was solved: The compatibility-mode of win 10 did the Job!
  3. Hello, i have a problem after i upgraded my system to Windows 10. VRS is running without further problems, but i canĀ“t install the Utility AudioMonitor. Downloading the latest Version from the nch-page did not solve my problem. who can help? Greetings from Germany Matthias
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