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  1. I'm sure this is quite simple for anyone but a novice like me. I just want to save the audio track from a video file so I can add it to another project. I've tried copying the file but when I change projects it does not give me the option of pasting it in to the new project. SO I would like to save the audio as an MP3 and then add that file to the new project. Thanks
  2. That's the version I have. None of the transitions is working between these two frames -- I've tried several. Changed the transition times too. Expanded the timeline to the max and there's nothing between the two frames except the transition mark which indicates that it is set to a particular effect. Yet it does not occur when I run the video.
  3. Does anyone have a theory as to why transitions are not being added to my sequence? (I know how to do this but after selecting the effect it is not showing up and just a hard cut between scenes remains). Am I missing something?
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