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  1. I have been trying to make a video with explosions on green screen but the software does not want to remove the green background on dusts, smoke and shades. Below is a video example https://youtu.be/Pb6ZeZ_Bjhg Here is my effects setting, please tell me what im doing wrong.
  2. Whenever i use the croping or scaling on images or videos to resize them, an edge line would always show up making the original dimension of the image/video visible for everyone to see. I tried using .png with and without trasparent backgrounds but still shows the edge line. Below is a video test i made to show what the problem is. https://youtu.be/Er83C7zkd5w I used different effects such as crop and scale but both shows the same results. How do i remove these lines?
  3. I went to be most simpliest route and did what @nationalsolo suggested. It actually turned way better than i though. Here is the final product:
  4. I see, this is pretty much what i have been doing for the past days. Unforetunately, my project requires me to use fast digit counting animations per every 10 seconds interval, which will take a lot of effort because the video project im working on is 10 minutes long, using the same method will take a lot of effort. I guess i will look for another method, but thanks anyway for trying to help, i really appriciate it.
  5. I would like to ask if there is an easy way or most effective way to animate digits in a counting manner. Here is an example with after effects: I can't afford after effects so i am currently looking for an cheaper alternative, but it would be more sufficient if videopad has the ability to produce the same effect, (if there is a way that i dont know of).
  6. Just tested and works, unforetunately i have already submitted my work so i didn't get to change the pitch of the audio, but thanks for the tip again Nationalsolo! You're awesome.
  7. Yes! is it possible on videopad?
  8. Im trying to put the audio on high pitch while the clip is speed up. @borate, does that mean i will have to use a 3rd party software to do this? Is there any other way of doing this from Videopad itself?
  9. I have been using 'change clip speed' for most of my previous projects to speed up clips however i have never accomplished to make the audio high pitched on that particular clip. I have attempted using effects like 'high pass' and 'compressor' but none of which worked. Here is an example: Please help. Thank you.
  10. Thank you guys alot. I managed to pan in zoom. thanks @NationalSolo for the clear instructions, i really appriciate it. Here is the finished project:
  11. The video is accesible here: https://www.dropbox....46-853.mp4?dl=0 This is a video of me viewing a post from a forum, the section which i want to zoom is the original post. (top post) @NationalSolo, ill try out the method you posted in a few hours. I'll get back to you to let you know if im sucessful. Thanks a lot.
  12. Not sure if you are reffering to the .vpj file but here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/7o0trtocrlz3g5v/Tesla%20project.vpj?dl=0
  13. Thank you for the reply. Just to be clear, i made a simple storyboard of what im trying to achieve. So far, what im getting is a zoomed in view of the text however when i try to use position and animation, the zoomed section will pan but is cut off, as seen here: https://www.youtube....h?v=hM9Swoe1biA. @Nationalsolo, i think your solution is what im looking for, however im not quite sure and is currently stuck on this part (bolded part of the quote), i had a few practice with animating an image so im sure i know how to use the graph lines with dots on them. This is what my interface looks like: http://i.imgur.com/K95Qna3.png
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