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  1. Thanks - I hadn't spotted that clear unused cache feature. Does that mean clips in the bin but not actually used in the sequence can slow down export?
  2. Trying to open a VP project I've been editing: a box came up saying "stopping queue process threads" / "restarting background threads (not responding)" - then it crashed. Tried again later & got the project up. Tried to export it as a WMV & got "Stopping queue process threads" / "stopping background threads (not responding)". Left it to run overnight to see if it might sort itself out. This morning it says export is 1.1% completed. Anyone know what's happening & what I could do about it?
  3. Thanks. I hadn't unlinked them, not deliberately anyway. Just tried right-clicking on the vid file & got the option to "restore link" - which has worked: the sound came back.
  4. Sometimes when I change the order of clips in a sequence, the audio track disappears. The vid track moves to its new slot but minus the sound track. What can I do about this?
  5. First add a new file - to the "bin" (you'll see it in top L corner). Then drag / drop it to the line above your Video Track 1 - where it says "drag & drop ... here to overlay".
  6. Yes I'll keep experimenting. I have to wait days for replies from Panasonic & they're not very detailed. I'll also look into hooking my laptop directly to the TV & bypassing the DVD player altogether. It plays DVDs OK but its USB port seems pretty useless.
  7. Having now found we can put in other resolutions through "custom", I changed a couple of my unplayable files to 720 x 304 as you suggested. This does make a playable file - as if "unsupported format" may actually mean "unsupported resolution"? But there are a couple of problems: 1) the aspect ratios are wrong: people / buildings / objects are now too thin or too tall. VP warns: "the preview (16:9) and export (45:19) aspect ratios differ". It suggests either "crop edges" or "resize to fit" - I've tried both, but neither helps. 2) the picture quality isn't very good - but then 720 x 304 seems pretty low res? But I do seem to be slowly getting somewhere. Any tips on either of the above? I also tried just changing the suffix from .avi to .xvid. The unplayable files are still unplayable & the playable ones still play, but still with those 2 problems above.
  8. Confused. Yes I've seen these websites that say .xvid isn't a file extension, but Panasonic says it is. Also, googling for converters I find things like (e.g.) ""You would like to convert a home video to some other video formats? AVS Video Converter enables you to convert home video to DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, and save converted files to your PC. ... " - but when I download the converter, .xvid turns out to be NOT an option to change a file to. Yes my USB stick is FAT32. That's not the issue. And it plays jpeg stills through the DVD player fine.
  9. The mystery deepens. I've now had a reply from Panasonic to my query: "In response, I would explain that .xvid is used as a codec name as well as a file extension. Please ensure that the USB device is formatted in either FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 file system before adding content to it. The device supports .avi or .xvid files from USB." So, Panasonic still say (as per the DVD player manual) that .xvid is a file extension. Are they wrong?
  10. Dropbox link to one of my mini AVIs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4txhn3lrfgr4es/cricket.avi?dl=0 C-major: I forget what the resolution was - if I remember, the resolution in the file you sent me (the one that does play on my DVD player) wasn't available as an option when I exported from Videopad.
  11. Thanks for patience. I've tried again, this time exporting direct to usb stick, but same result: unsupported format. Then I gave it another go, & at "create" I get "the preview & export aspect ratios differ" & the choice of "crop edges" or "resize to fit". Whichever of those I pick, I then get "failed". I've tried both PAL & NTSC (the DVD manual says it can play both). So I don't know why the file you sent me plays, but the ones I make just don't. Or, why I now can't make them at all (just "failed".)
  12. Aha - THAT one does play on my DVD player, from USB stick. So How did you do it? I've just tried to replicate it - exported a VP project to Video File, choosing .avi as File Format and "MPEG4 Native" as Video Compressor. But the DVD player again says "Unsupported Format". What am I doing wrong?
  13. My Panasonic can handle +r DVDs. My problem isn't with DVDs, it's with USB files. "The file extension has to be .xvid or .avi" ...
  14. Yes I can burn a DVD - though curiously, I always get a message that it's failed, even though it's produced a perfectly OK DVD. What I can't do is make a vid file that will play from USB memory stick on my new Panasonic DVD player/TV (which I want to do because my TV screen is much bigger than my PC screen, & because I want to save backups on memory stick rather than DVD). Indications are that this is a Panasonic issue rather than a VP issue. Manual says USB plays .avi files & .xvid files. It won't play avi's & everyone's telling me there's no such things as .xvid files (xvid is a codec not a file extension). I've messaged Panasonic & I'm waiting for their reply.
  15. Yes I've found articles like that one. Maybe Panasonic got it wrong in their manual then.
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