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  1. No that is not what I mean. The Scarlett 2i2 and all the others are on the list of audio devices. Not one of them wil play the audio. Every one elicits the error popup that says "Please check that you have selected the correct sound player device using Preferences. I am not the only one with this problem. Several others in WavePad forums are having the same problem We can record fine but cannot get a playback on the MacOS. Wavepad works fine on Windows machines.
  2. I just received the new wavepad Masters Edition Version 11.06. I am using MacOS Catalina 10.15.17. I have successfully installed the wavepad and have recorded a speech successfully. Unfortunately when I attempt to playback the recording I get an error message that states: WAVEPAD AUDIO EDITOR. Please check that you have selected the correct sound player device using Preferences. I am using a Scarlett 2i2 device and have been using it for years with Wavepad and other programs. I tried all the Sound player devices including the Default device and get the same error message. I then tried the file recorded on Wavepad on another app called Twisted Wave and it played perfectly on the Scarlett 2i2 device. Any ideas?
  3. Maybe over-record is not the professional term. I will explain. I have a radio show with a co-host. We record at different times. I record all of my part, leaving around 3 second spaces for my co-host to later record in. Previously she could highlight the entire 3 second blank spaces, press the record button and the record would only record during that blank space pushing everything ahead of her recording. So even if she only recorded 2 seconds or 12 seconds the recording would record only during the highlighted portion. Now, all of a sudden, in order to record in those 3 second periods on silence she has to highlight the silence, delete it and then record. It is not a big deal, but there are times that she forgets to delete the silence, then records. This often leaves several 3 second blank portions within the recording so now I have to go over the entire 30 minute show and perfectly removed the 3 second blank area. Anyway to get Wavepad to record like it used to record?
  4. When I first purchased Wavepad for the MacOs it worked without a hitch. I have a weekly radio show in my local area and I pre-record the show . For the past several months (now that MacOS ) only take 64 bit software I have a problem where Wavepad will not play any recordings, new or old. In fact it gives me an error message every time that I attempt to play. It tells me to change players. I have done this a times after time. I can record perfectly in any form WAV. mp3 etc. and I can then play them in other players without a hitch. However, I cannot play them at all in Wavepad. I have asked the NCH staff and I get told to download the new WAVEPAD software. I have done this innumerable times. Any ideas on what I can do, otherwise I will have to use another audio software.
  5. I have the most recent update. Wavepad does everything except play. I get perfect recordings but cannot hear anything when using wavepad. Yes. I have catalina. Yes I downloaded the new Wavepad for Mac. I have changed every choice in the output window from the speaker, to the headphone to all other choices. Still no luck. Again H have removed all previous v resions and then re-installed the program. I am a paid user of Wavepad.
  6. So when will the 64 version come out. The present most recent WavePad does not work on my MAC with Catalina installed. It does everything but play the sound. Everytime I attempt to play the sound I get the following error "Please check that you have selected the correct sound player device using preferences. Other programs work fine. Anything we can do to make it or are we waiting for a new version to arrive. If so when will it arrive?
  7. I have been on the NCH page that shows additional VST add ons. The directions state: How to download and use VST Effects in WavePad Sound Editor: Download one of the free VST effects from the above list. When you install these effects, you will need to specify a location on your computer to save them. It is normally a good idea to create a folder called "VST" and save all your VST effects there. Once you have downloaded and saved your VST plugin to your chosen VST folder, open WavePad and from the top Effects menu choose "VST Plugins." I have Wavepad 6.51 for the MAC. It says that this is the latest version. When I go to the Effects menu there is no VST Plugins choice. How do I add VST plugins to the folder that I have created?
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