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  1. I did this before I posted this thread. Anyone else have advice/suggestions?
  2. All settings result in no video being recorded. When I reinstalled both times I tried using the default, full desktop, and I set the frame of the screen as well. Also before the default settings recorded. Now nothing records video.
  3. I tried the trial and it made flawless screen capture video's. The video looked and sounded exactly as was presented on my PC. I even got great mic quality audio. It still looked amazing when I uploaded the recorded video's to websites. I then bought your product and was still able to make great Screen Capture video's. My current version is 'Debut Professional v 3.01'. My OS is Windows 10. I recorded a video yesterday. I changed no settings. Turned off my computer. I woke up this morning and the Debut software no longer captures any video, but still captures audio. I reinstalled
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