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  1. Is there any way to gradually speed up a video, as in say i set it to run at 200% speed could i get it to gradually get to that speed?
  2. So i've been trying to edit a video frame by frame (basically i'm trying to put a picture over someones face and have the video continue with it covering it the whole time) and i've sort of got the general idea of how to edit it frame by frame, but i can't get it right. The picture either only shows up for a split second then dissapears or it's not in the right place. Can someone tell me how I'd make this easier for myself or give me tips?
  3. Hi, i'm a noob at this, so sorry if it's already been covered (i looked to no avail). How would i go about having an image fade over the video so slowly that by the time the video is nearing the end it's only just been finished? I also need some music to fade in as the picture is starting to show up. Thanks in advance
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