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  1. Thank you! That would be an awesome improvement. Steve
  2. Frustrating-- so let's say I have a long sequence of clips on the time line, with lots of splits. I want to see when some event happens, to great precision. if I just click one on single clip, and CHANGE CLIP SPEED, then my timeline is not uniform. If I clip on EVERY clip , and say cut the speed in half, sure, the actual time of the event is one half of the time that I observe on the slowed time line-- but it can take an awful lot of time to go click on every single clip, and it's easy to miss one. Ditto when cranking them all back up to full speed. Frustrating! All i want to do is play
  3. Hi. I'm very new to Videopad Pro. I'm sure this is a very basic question, but I haven't been able to find the answer yet. Previously I used AVS Video Remaker and AVS Video Editor. One of the tools on those editors that I used very often, was to play a full-speed video back at a much slower speed for editing. Basically I want to be able to stop the video at the exact moment that something happens in the video, to identify the exact point in the timeline where the event happens, so I know where to insert my audio clip. How do I do this on Videopad Pro? I haven't yet discovered ho
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