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  1. Hi again 4.22 is the first version I bought - can you please send me a link to an earlier version? Thanks
  2. Thanks - how do I roll back to 4.1? - 4.22 is the first version I bought Dean
  3. Hi I have a problem with my exported files from projects I had been working on before I purchased the 4.22 upgrade - I am no longer seeing the zoom/crop effects working together on certain clips of the video project - particularly the heavily cropped clips which I have then applied zoom to to constrain the output to 16:9 - the exported file only has the cropped-sized clips --- and added a blue tint instead of the zoom??!! I have tried to upload a copy of the file to you via your Classic FTP software but it doesn't connect for me (I'm a home user not on a network server) Help??
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