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  1. I have made some unnecessary cuts but that doesn't really cost a lot of memory right? PS: after watching the final video it is clear that the overlays are almost useless in this case as the action is to fast to watch the main video and an overlay simultaneously. The viewer would have to pause or rewind the video in order to see them both (or even three total). However, I'dd think it should still be possible to have multiple overlays without the application crashing on video export right?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I think you're on the right track (no pun intended). I was already testing this by creating a new project with just one video-clip with a simple fade-in effect. I was then able to export the video to 1440p and the application's memory usage only reached about 500MB. I am really curious as to how the original project could be arranged differently as it doesn't seem that complex to me. One thing I could think of is convert the video's beforehand to a lower resolution as I am now using the scale effect anyway. Ok, I also could have used one less video-track Does t
  3. Hello everybody. I am new to VideoPad and this forum. After some playing around with the free edition I was so happy I decided to buy the professional edition (without premium support though). However, after making my first video project I found the program is unable to export the video at a higher setting than 720p/30fps. When I try 1080p/1440p one of three things happens: After about 1% processing it jumps to 100% and the export queue shows a green 'complete' message. The exported video is about 1 second long. Obviously it's not complete. After about 1% processing the export queue
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