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  1. Hi I am having the following problem. I want to close FLING by scheduled task everyday in the morning. I made a batch file with the following command When i put “ taskkill /im fling.exe “ the process don´t die If i put “ taskkill /F /im fling.exe “ on the batch file the process will die, but later on i scheduled task to open Fling. When Fling appear a pop-up saying last time was not close correctly, and ask for the motive. That is a problema because the program don´t start until i give aswer. How can i solve my problem ?
  2. you should fix that. Because i just want the program to work, at night. (Outside work hours). Even better the program should have a Internal Schedule .
  3. No solution yet ? Want to disable logging and email alerts.
  4. I have the following problems If i disable “service start”, but everytime my Windows Schedule task open the program they ask me if i want to set AUTORUN to ON, and stay there. Can i start a fling like something “fling –noautorun…” ?
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