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  1. c_major wrote: and previously: So it looks like the disc I burned is what VideoPad intended to burn, given the current design. The original program material was 720p at 59.97 fps. The resulting disc is the same scan format. I find the results disappointing, especially given that there is still a significant amount of emply space on the disc after burning (I estimate 40%) that could have been used to give higher quality video. And so far as I can tell, there are no controls for me to use to achieve a better result. I will wait to see the result of the bug fix, where there shoul
  2. I cannot find any place to control the format of export to Blu-ray disc. I looked under Tools, Options, Export (tab). All that I find there are check boxes to erase previously recorded discs, verify, automatic disc eject, the experimental lossless disc burning, and automatically fade audio before a transistion. I also checked Tools, Options, Disc (tab). This controls things dealing with the hard disc like file paths and cache control. I looked under Export, Blu-ray, Blu-ray Movie Disc. This brought up a dialog box where I can enter a disc title and select the path to the disc burner, but not
  3. c_major: The video format on the disc I sent is true to the original TV broadcast. Your note reminded me that here in the USA, both 720p (60 fps) and 1080i (30 fps) are used as broadcast standards. The TV program I recorded was broadcast by the ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) Television Network, which uses 720p. The TV tuner recorded exactly what was broadcast, no conversion involved. I will retry exporting at 60 fps instead of 30 fps to see how the video looks.
  4. A Blu-ray disc with the video file is on its way. I printed out this discussion and put it in the envelope along with the disc in order to provide the context when it arrives.
  5. c_major: I am using a Hauppauge 1191 WinTV-HVR-955Q USB TV tuner. For what it is worth, I have viewed the original video files that I referenced above using both the Hauppauge software and Windows Media Player. Both give me the same result with good video and smooth motion. I am certainly interested in the lossless option you describe. I did see the "button" to select it, but as you point out it does not work yet for MPEG-2. I hope the option appears soon. I would be happy (at least initially) if the option only works for cut-down files (i.e., editing out commercials) even if other more a
  6. c_major: I don't know how to make a determination about keyframes. As I understand it, broadcast TV uses I-frames (keyframes?) quite a bit so that TV receivers can quickly lock (or re-lock) onto signals. The broadcast TV recorder that I am using claims to record the exact MPEG-2 stream as it comes over the air. The signal is strong without problems. However, I did an experiment and discovered something troubling about VideoPad for my application. I loaded the file for the 3-hour TV broadcast (2.5 hours). Next, I immediately put it in the Sequence Bin (no editing whatever). After that, I b
  7. Thanks for the help. I will check with my broadcast TV recorder software. If nothing else, I could program a three-hour recording session as three contiguous one-hour recordings. I need to run an experiment here to see if there is a resulting gap or not. Perhaps my Question 1 could use a bit more discussion. I asked the question about the RAM due the profound difference in loading time between the one-hour (6.3 GB) file and the three-hour program (19 GB) file. The 6.3 GB file loaded in a matter of seconds. I did finally take the time to fully load the 19 GB file. It took about 2.5 hours! S
  8. I am using a USB TV tuner to record broadcast video. It records the broadcast MPEG-2 stream and puts it in a .ts file. I downloaded VideoPad a few weeks ago, and was happy to find that VP can handle this type of file container with no problems, so I bought the software. Yesterday I recorded an HD program (1080i) that runs for 3 hours. The recording file is almost 19 GB long. When I try to load the file, VideoPad begins the loading process. The progress bar shows good progress almost to the half-way point (about 8 seconds). At this point, the progress stops, goes back to the start, and proc
  9. Thanks a lot. I will give this a try. After my post, and a little more thought, I figured it would be something like this, but I wasn't sure about the exact mechanics. I assume this works the same way if I burn a Blu-ray (I use Express Burn).
  10. I want use WavePad to put multiple videos onto disc (DVD or Blu-ray), and then be able to access the start of any video from the (top) menu. I don't mind if the end of a video runs into the beginning of the next one, though I would prefer to return to the menu. I have used, and still use, DVD recorders, all of which work this way from the menu. I have not been using WavePad very long, and so far nothing I have tried has worked. Help!
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