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  1. Just wanted to add that I am another user with the same problem, and I opened a support ticket. My solution for the moment is to go back to v 2.34, which works fine. The new registration code for v 6.06 can also be used for all previous versions. OS X version here is 10.11.6
  2. Thanks for the response. I did re-install the program and reboot as suggested, however that doesn't make a difference. SoundTap will still limit my recordings to 44100 / 24 bit, no matter how high the settings were. While I'm still aware that it is not possible to make a lesser quality better through higher sampling rates, I was only wondering why SoundTap doesn't allow me to do such recordings.
  3. I am sorry the post appeared twice - that was not intended
  4. Hello, I'm using a licensed version of SoundTap 2.34 on OS/X 10.11. It works fine, does what it's supposed to do. But then ... ... in a experimental mood I tried various settings in Preferences --> General --> Change settings... for the output format wav. Went up step-by-step until the uppermost Sample Rate of 192000 and 32 Bits Per Sample. Recording through the system's Built-in Input from a FM Tuner. I am well aware that settings above CD quality make no sense in this case. Still, when I look at the recorded samples, they show a maximum of 44100 and 24 Bits per Sample. Ever
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