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  1. Also a bit off topic. I think it would be useful to be able to apply effects (including deshaker) for entire video track.
  2. Thanks for the info. Would it be possible to run several instances of deshaker at the same time for different clips? I have many clips to deshake so instead of running first pass on all cores and then second on one core, for all clips one after another it would be faster to run "number-of-cores" clips all on separate core at the same time. It would cause higher memory consumption but it will allow to use all CPU resources.
  3. Hi everyone! I've noticed that when using deshaker first pass (stabilizing) is being done using all available cores but then when it says "converting video file" only one core is used no meter which encoder I use. Is it possible to run the second pass on all available cores? Without it the process is painfully slow for longer clips. Thanks!
  4. So now there is no way to tune deshaker nor choose the output format? I think that tuning deshaker is not a necessity but it would be nice to choose the output format. I have videos recorded in h.264 which is lossy format than after stabilizing it's converted to h.264 again which causes another loss and after that I can use the clips to make a final movie. Wouldn't it be better to use lossless format after stabilizing to avoid one compression?
  5. Hi! I've installed ViedoPad 4.11. In options under media there is "Show video quality and stabilization settings dialog when converting and stabilizing video files". I have this setting checked, but when I stabilize clip using video effects -> stabilize or by right clicking and choosing stabilize it just starts working. No dialog appears. Am I doing something wrong? I would like to be able to choose the output format of stabilized video. Thanks
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