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  1. Hi thanks I did not know I did not have the newest version, I was wondering if I can just update what I have or will I have to buy the upgrade thing. thanks
  2. Sorry for the delay but I am using v 3.79. the resolution is 720p 30 fps
  3. Hello I am new to these forums so if this has already been answered please direct me to the post but if not well here is my problem. Sometimes when I record some footage and put it into VideoPad Professional the sound gets out of sync with the video, I would be fine with this if the video it self was out of sync but when I just play the raw footage it is in perfect sync. So to combat this problem I have been having to rerecord the footage. Which can take a lot more time than it should when you have one hour of footage to rerecord. So far I have concluded that it must be something wrong with VideoPad. If there is a way to fix this in the settings or something please inform me and if you are having the same problem feel free to post as well. The sooner the better, I am already behind in editing. Thanks and have a great day.
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