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  1. I'm using Switch 4.81 free trial. I use Mac OS 10.10.3. I use iTunes as my audio interface. All my files are either AIFF, or Apple Lossless, and of course all non-DRM. My new Mazda 3's Bose system will not play these large file formats, but will play AAC. So I have converted 16GB of musci to AAC format, using another freely available file converter (which does not have normalization capability), before I discovered Switch. The resultant AAC files volume differences were making me crazy, which led me to try Switch. My problem is that whether converted to AAC by the other unnamed app, or, by Switch, once the file has been thru the Switch conversion/normalization process, my car's stereo does not recognize the album, artist name, song title information. The converted files will play successfully, and they sound like normalization has taken place. But artist, album and song title information is "unknown". Its as if this information is being stripped away. Is this an iTunes file hierarchy incompatibility of some kind? The appearance of the converted files on the target disc (flash drive) looks fine: Artist folder->Album name->Song name. The folder structure from what I can see looks unaltered. The individual file's icon is changed by conversion to the typical iTunes "music note" icon. I did not have this problem when using the other app for file format change alone (no normalization) but I was hoping to normalize volume with Switch. I worked for several hours trying multiple logical approaches but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks, Rabco
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