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  1. Emailing you now, c_major . Sorry it took so long to reply
  2. It is a .vpj file but VideoPad keeps telling me it's not a valid file. I have one other backup that will open in VideoPad but the video is only half complete and I don't really want to have to redo everything.
  3. I updated and got it to export, but some clips became un-zoomed and had a blue tint. My computer died and when I restarted the program it would no longer read my video as compatible with VideoPad....
  4. I seem to be having an issue with exporting my videos, which is strange because it's never been a problem. Every time I try to export a video (and mind you, it's not even 2 minutes long, so it shouldn't be this difficult) the program crashes at about 10% completion. I've only gotten it to finish exporting once and it only had 10 seconds of my video! I'm using version 4.14 if that makes a difference! (I haven't been notified of an update recently)
  5. I have this exact same problem! I thought I was the only one! Thank you so much for posting this, this has been the only problem I have ever had with VideoPad. I've purchased the software so it was kind of disappointing that I couldn't produce the video I wanted. Following this thread for any updates on the situation and update.
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