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  1. Thanks for the reply. Believe me, i can't do it. if i press "play" key it can't stop. i need to press the stop key to stop the file... Incredible... has it happened to any other? i can't find the solution.
  2. Hi to all, i'm trying to understand the way to assign the same key for play/stop function. is it possible? use two different keys (one for "play" and a different one for "Stop") is very boring and unusefull. did someone try it? anyway, if i get an infinity pedal in-USB2, may i assigne to the central pad both play/stop key? i ask because i need to use the left pad to back5s, the right pad to forward5s and the centre pad for play/stop function. is it possible to do that? i hope so! i have the pro version of scribe thanks Nik
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