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  1. Hi Ben, Here is info you requested. Please let me know if you need more. 1. What were you recording at the time? A song on bandcamp.com 2. If you know the technical details that would be great. ie. bitrate, mp3/aac mp3 192bps 3. Were you doing other work on your computer at the same time? It should be fine to do so, but it could help me track down the problem. No 4. What kind of soundcard are you using? Not sure but I think it's Realtek 5. Have you changed any settings on your soundcard. eg. Have you changed the default playback format in the Speakers/Headphones Properties dialog? If so, what are the settings? No 6. Does this problem occur every time you record? Yes 7. Does the problem exist after a reboot? Yes 8. Can you save a small snippet of the recording you made so that I can analyze it and track down the issue? If so, I'll contact you via email. I have a snippet of the recording available
  2. I have also run into this problem and, like everyone else, it worked like a charm when I first got it. Noticed the problem a little while ago but thought it was the source. I see this issue has been here for almost 2 years and is still unresolved. Please help. If this isn't fixed, perhaps a refund? It's useless in its current state.
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