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  1. Hello guys. Just yesterday, I bought a copy of Express Talk Corporet Edition to use with the PBX system for my business. I'm experiencing a very peculiar problem that admittedly has me pretty stumped. I'm usually pretty good at networking in general, which is further frustrating the heck out of me that I can't figure this out. So here is the situation. I'm running the most up to date version of Express Talk on a Windows 32 Bit XP Professional machine. Yeah, I knwo, Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore. Yeah yeah, I know, rub it in! I can't update this PC though as it has propriatary work software on it which isn't compatible with anything higher, and this is totally out of my control. Don't say, tell the system admin to upgrade you. I, *AM!* the admin. Just trust me, there's nothing I can do about it for now. Anyway, I'm running a sound blaster Audigy II ZS sound card for my audio output, and a Blue Snowball USB mike for the mike input. The first time I ran Express Talk, it wanted to run the network setup wizard. I let it do so. It's telling me however that my computer firewall is either blocking port 8000 or that my internet connection is not available, and therefore I cannot receive inbound packets. This is utter crap as far as I can tell. For one thing, the Windows XP firewall is showing exceptions all UDP for 8000, 6002, 8002, 6004, 8004, 6006, 8006, (not sure what I am doing with the 6000 range ports, but anyway...) 5060, 5070, and 8020. Also, I opened these UDP ports on my router, and forwarded them to the private 192.168.whatever.whatever IP address given by the dhcp of my router to the machine running Express Talk. This still is doing absolutely no good. I turned off the Windows XP firewall entirely, no good. The test still won't pass. The server which is running the Asterisk PBX in a Flash Purple installation with Freepbx, has all these ports opened as well. I should further make mention that when I first ran the network setup wizard and the Windows XP firewall was enabled, it never prompted for me to allow or deny the connection. It didn't get that far before telling me things were blocked. The odd thing is, when I click ignore, it goes for a few seconds checking things, then, it tells me that my computer firewall is blocking port 5060. Again, utter crap as far as I can tell. If I try making an outbound call on my outbound sip trunk which is registered on Express Talk's Line 1, it works perfectly with one really weird thing. There is absolutely no latancy, which is awesome, and that is both on the sending and receiving end, but as soon as I fire up any other application, be it already opened and I just alt+tab over to it, or open it from the desktop/start menu, Express Talk then starts to get really really bad as far as a major audio delay on the receiving end. People I talk to tell me there is probably about a 5 second delay. When I run an echo test on my Asterisk server, I definitely can hear it as well. Notice, I said 4 to 5 seconds, not milliseconds. Oh believe me: it's God aweful! An absolute nightmare! I mean, damn! I can't even open up just the command prompt window and tyep no command in before it goes from about a half a second delay to about a 4 second delay. I suspect it has to do with the fact that it's going a round about way to make my network configuration work. In my log which shows on the main ?Express Talk screen, it says that I'm connected via a nat router, or internet sharing. I'm using the former... a router. More specifically, it's the Linksys/Belcon WRT1900AC with Smart Wifi wireless/4 port router. I'm connected via ethernet on the system which is running Express Talk. I'm not running the Asterisk server on my own localhost. It is being ran off site through Digital Ocean, and I installed Asterisk/Free PBX, PBX in a Flash Purple on an UBuntu 32 bit based droplet. Two more quick things: I do not have this issue at all with other sip based software sip phone clients. Also, I have tried putting the computer running Express Talk into DMZ mode, and it did no good. I'm very much open to the idea of writing tech support and openning a ticket, but I wanted to go the proper chain which NCH suggests. this is why I first am writing you all on the forum to see if anyone can help. If not, then, I'll climb the latter. Thanks for you alls' help; it's greatly appreciated. God bless. Cordially, Chris.
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