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  1. Wow! Really! 3 minutes ago I recieved a notification email, that you have Videopad 6.31 released. I'm gonna try this version and check if there are any bugs. Anyway, I'm just a hobbist user, who is a huge fan of Videopad, so I will test new versions in future. Thank you, and congrats with new release 6.31. It is so great that Videopad is still alive and constantly grow with new versions!!
  2. After your comment I thought may be the problem is in my headphones and soundcard, which are fine, but quite cheap. Headphones Philips SHP1900 and sound card Creative Sound Blaster Live PCI SB0220 and both of them I use under Windows XP. But I transfered these 2 mp3 files to my android phone and used small headphones, which were coming with phone, when I bought it. And still there is a an audio diffrence: small whistle noise on file after Videopad. Strange news. I thought there is restriction for 2 audio tracks and you can not export 720p at H264 in trial version. Anyway, the #1 reason I started to use Videopad at 2014 was that it has "white" (or light) interface as every other software at Windows XP. But when I look at screenshots of current version Videopad turned to black (dark) interface in order to look like other NLE. For my eyes white font on black surface is painfull and I can not use it for long time.
  3. That is not an absurd issue. To change codec it not a piece of cake. It is something that influences the core of the software and this feature should me implemented with carefull attention. Let's say, they can fix it within 5 minute and add troubles which require to be fixed within 3 months of extra work. This effect is about any complex software: you can not just add or replace feature. There is always so called side effect, which means: when you change something in one place, in some other place something gets broken. As for Videpad as professional software, it is more like a professional bicylce, not a professional car or even not a professional truck. I use Videopad for last 3 years as hobbist (I'm not a professional) and 100% delighted. Everybody around me who earn money from videoediting they would laugh on idea to use Videopad as professional tool. For example in Russia 1 year of professional videoediting software costs 400 USD, that is 320 GBP each bloody year! So, Videopad is a super product for its money and its market niche!!
  4. There is diffrence and I can tell you even more: To produce this melody were used 2 instruments: 1) piano, 2) subbass. First you hear piano and then you hear subbass. And there are 3 parts of mucial material. The noise is produced only when subbass played. When piano starts = no noise. When subbass stops playing noise removes. The problem is in subbass. * * * Bad news for me!! ☹️☃️☂️ I've downloaded trial verison of Videopad version 5.20 and there is no audio corruption for this audio file... that means, that problem is only about my old version 4.11, but for developer there is no need to fix it because there is a much newer version available and it works without audio corruption. So, I think it is just my unluck and I just have to live with that. Version 5.20 is super cool, but I can not afford to buy 5.20 at $34.99, because I use it not for proffesion, but for hobby and now I will downgrade to my version 4.11 with my official serial key. I love it, I can use it automatically and I just try not to use soundtrack with subbass instruments on it.
  5. https://yadi.sk/d/FHYj6XYqJFoh7Q Here is a link to hosting 2 mp3 files (this hosting is similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, but russian equivalent). subbass+1 original.mp3 subbass+1 corrupted by Videopad.mp3 Problem is that when I add audio file to Videopad it adds some whistle nose at high frequency. This noise I hear in Videopad and in exported file. What might be the problem? My verision of Videpad is 4.11 and I love using it! PS. This problem with noise adding is only about this audio file. With other audiofiles there are no problems at all. Just with this file.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm many years user of Videopad and I love it! Today I was videocapturing video instruction how to use website. I used Debut videocapturing and it is super! But now i need to add to final video some kind of animation for hotkeys when I press. For example, when I press Ctrl + C i copy text, when I press Ctrl + V i paste text. People who watch this video instruction might do not know why text apeears from nowhere. In order to make things clear I need to add some animation and may be some voice over like 'Ctrl + C is pressed!' and 'Ctrl + V is pressed!' Question: can you please suggest or give advice how to add this animation over the video? I can use mask in Videopad. So I can create PNG image with transparent background with Ctrl + C text on it. I can apply zoom animation in order to produce cool expanding effect like in videogames. I can add voice 'Ctrl + C pressed!' Question: can I export this ready piece in videofile with alpha channer, so video with transparent background in order I could easily insert this ready video-pieces in places where I press this hot key combinations in my video manual? Or I am cursed to produce this animation each time i need it?
  7. Thank you for answers. This is a GREAT news!! Thank you so much. I will use timeline mode only when it is needed, and try to work in storyboard mode most of time.
  8. Q1: I have sequence in sequences in sequence, and add some change in initial material. Do all these sequences re-render themselves and therefore eat CPU time, or they are just containers which hold initial material? Q2: is there any sence to keep all the sequences in storyboard mode in order to descrease amount of re-render, or it does not matter timeline or storyboard mode and re-render of cache after each change is the same? Q3: it there any tool to stop cache re-render, make all changes and after that turn on cache re-render in order not to init cache re-render immediatelly?
  9. Please, point out starting from which version GPU render is supported.
  10. Just to mention: there are Open GL and that means what you say. But also there are Open CL, which allows to use GPU as an ordinary processor and therefore, it is possible to use GPU resources to render video x10 faster without 3D GL way of doing things.
  11. Nat, you are genius!! That is do simple and so effective trick!! Thank you so much. By the way, here is some usefull tip for this Nat's solution. Everytime we playback video, system puts new update time (new timestamp on file). This is feature of OS Windows can be desabled by this command in Win + R window: > fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1 I tuned off timestamp update not because of Videopad, but because of SSD. When this option is turned off, there a much less useless writes IO operations on files and therefore SSD lives longer. But now we see, that there additional usefull feature: we can see how much real time it took to render final video. Nat, great thank you once more!!
  12. I have this dialog box on exporting video. Question: how can I find out what time it took to export video, if I was drinking tea when video was rendering and I could not catch the moment when it was done. Maybe there are some log file or some option to show total time?
  13. There are 2 ways of exporting H264 (Way #1) Choose HD720 and *.avi format + H264 (Native) codec in "Encoder options..." (Way #2) Choose Youtube 720p and *.flv format and use as it is I see in taskmanager they both use x264enc7.exe and lame.exe Question: what is the core difference between these two ways of making H264/MP3 videos? Which should be faster or they both should be of the same time/speed? PS. I use VP Pro v 4.11 (so, may be my quesion is not active for current version any more, but maybe ok...)
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