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  1. Have managed to fiddle around with it to now get it to recognise availability. However it seems that it will only accept 26 components in the dialogue box, and I need to add 38 to the BOM. Any idea's anyone?
  2. Sorry - I know this is an old string, but is there a limit to the number of items you can add to the BOM dialogue? I have approx 35 items in one particular BOM but it only seems to save up to item 25. Without this, Inventoria is pretty useless to us, but I'm sure there must be a workaround?
  3. Hi all, can anyone help with my bundle quandary? I've added all my inventory components and began the process of assigning a BOM to a 'finished product' inventory item. I was expecting it to automatically tally an availability that reflected the lowest available quantity component on the BOM. However I'm getting greyed out availability of zero, and hence when I add a sale I'm told there is 'insufficient stock'. Example: I sell an order of 10 identical products. The BOM specifies the type/number of components that go into making each finished product and reduces the available stock quantity by x10. This isn't happening It also seems like there's a max number of components that can be added to the BOM dialogue - our BOM consists of 30-40 parts but even if I add them all it doesn't seem to save them all when I go back in to look. Please help! Thanks v much.
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