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  1. I had a slightly similar problem recently where if the video-linked audio and the backing track were recorded using different sampling rates, then I had a heck of a time getting the mix to synchronize properly. In my case, the difference was significant - the backing track was recorded at 44.1 KHz 24-bit and the video-linked audio was recorded at 192KHz, 24-bit. Changing the sampling rate for my USB mic made all the difference, and in retrospect, it made perfect sense.
  2. The good news is that that process works. The bad news is that when I drag my video into the mix, it overwrites the existing audio. It's not a show stopper - all I have to do is re-import the audio track, then the slide the video track into place. I did make another discovery (not altogether unexpected in retrospect) - if the audio sources are sampled differently, say at 44.1 and 192 KHz, they'll "wander" in and out of sync during playback. Once I had them in "sample sync", they played back fine. Feature request - punch-in and -out are standard features of any worthwhile mixing application. Adding this would make VideoPad much more useful...
  3. Yep - headphones and sending the backing track to them alone is part of the process anyway (Blue Yeti Pro has a headphone jack that gives me an extra audio output channel). Thanx! I'll give that shot - it never occurred to me to think of space as the thing that was moving... ;-)
  4. Hi Folks, Sorry if this is a FAQ... The scenario is this - I'm taking an online vocal training class and I need to record a video of myself singing against a backing track (the instructor needs to see my breathing, posture, etc.). Consequently, the backing track needs to be playing while I record myself singing, but I don't want the backing track to be heard in the video audio. I can import the backing track into VP just fine, but I can't get it to play while I record the video.
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