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  1. Well I would; but my license is more than 6 months old. Will I have to upgrade to test this?
  2. Hi gang, I've just tried to upload a couple of videos to YouTube that I edited in VideoPad 4.48 on a Windows PC: a 5 minute clip from a recent comedy show I did, and a full one-hour video of the whole show. The 5 minute clip uploaded without problems. The one-hour video though came up with "Failed" in the export queue after spending over an hour generating and uploading. It seems like something went wrong at the very end. When I view the video in YouTube Creator Studio, I see a blue bar at the top saying: "Thank you! Your upload is complete. Refresh the page once the video is done processing to see the video player and thumbnails." It's been like that for over 7 hours now so I don't think it's ever going to complete. My workaround is to export to a video file and upload to YouTube separately, but I was wondering how to diagnose this. The error message isn't all that helpful. I know I'm not running the latest VideoPad version, but my use has been a bit sporadic and so my version is more than 6 months old. I've already paid to upgrade a couple of times and don't really want to pay again just to see if this is fixed. If there was an option to pay extra to get lifetime upgrades, I would have done that originally. My YouTube account is verified, so that's not the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks, Graham
  3. I know it's been ages since this was implemented, but I just wanted to say "Thanks! VideoPad is even more awesome now!" Cheers, Graham
  4. I have the same issue all the time with 16:9 images from my digital video camera previewing as 4:3, and appearing letterboxed in the preview window. Fortunately they render in 16:9 when exporting, but it sure is annoying that the preview isn't accurate. Any chance of a fix soon? Thanks, Graham
  5. I really like VideoPad, but it's frustrating that I can't work while uploading to YouTube. Anyone else wish VideoPad could spawn a background process to do the uploading and return focus to the main UI so I can keep working on other videos? Cheers, Graham
  6. Thanks for the tip Nat. I'm totally with you. Cheers, Graham
  7. Awesome! I look forward to it with baited breath.
  8. I really like VideoPad, but there's something I don't get: Is it just me, or is the VideoPad text editor a bit brain dead? Text attributes get applied to everything in the text clip, which make it impossible to mix fonts, or even font sizes, in the one text clip. It's virtually impossible to create a decent scrolling credits list containing different sized fonts or bold headings, for instance. I think VideoPad needs a proper rich text editor for text clips. It seems to be as bad as Windows Movie Maker in this respect. Or am I missing something here? Cheers, Graham
  9. Hi gang, VideoPad is awesome, but I'm having difficulty capturing webcam video in widescreen. When I go record video, I always get a preview image in 4:3 format with black bars at the sides. Clicking "Force Widescreen" stretches the image, distorting the aspect ratio. Debut can capture widescreen video from my webcam, but it's an extra hassle switching to Debut just to capture video when VideoPad has a button for it right there. It seems a bit lame that VideoPad is limited to 4:3 capture from an HD webcam. I doubt anyone really wants to work in 4:3 any more. How do I get VideoPad to capture webcam video in widescreen? Thanks, Graham
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