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  1. Hey, I had this problem too, I've made a few videos with VP already but then one day this happens. Not only did the audio stop, the last clip of my video was missing too even though the clip out point was correct. I tried a few things and I got it to work, I wasn't sure if it was because of what I did but you can try it out. I saved my work, closed VP, deleted the corrupt file, then uninstalled the LAME.exe Then I re-installed it, restarted VP and re-exported the file and it worked. If you don't have LAME you can get it here: http://lame.buanzo.org/#lamewindl Steph
  2. Hi Nat I tried clicking and dragging a clip directly to the media tracks, if I drag it to the beginning (where all my other clips have snapped to) the new clip will cut into what is already there. So if I have a clip say 10 seconds long, and I drag a clip 4 seconds long to the beginning, it will cut away the first 4 seconds of the original clip, and I will end up with the 4 seconds new clip and 6 remaining seconds of the previous one. Also under "Options> Media> Add new clip to the following position" it is already set as "Ask Me" When I split clips to take out a chunk, sometimes,
  3. Hi I don't use MixPad but I am pretty sure why: Playback speed is the speed it plays for you, it does not change the speed of the actual clip you are trying to change. In other words, if you are watching a dvd say, you have the option to press "fast forward". This will make the movie play faster but the file's speed has not changed. That is what "Playback' is, how to play the file. I think you need to right click or something and look for an option that says something like "Clip speed". If it is a percentage, then 50% will be half as fast (twice as long to play) and 200% will be twice as fa
  4. Hi I am making a video, you can think of it as the same style as a trailer for a movie where there are lots of clips in a short time frame. I made most of the video, now I want to go back to the beginning and add some clips. In order to make space I tried to drag all the current clips right-ward, so there is more space at the beginning on the left side. However, when I finally manage to drag the clips right-ward, (most of the time it won't work, it will just snap back to the beginning) then I try to drag the audio right-ward as well, the moment the audio and video matches up they all snap ba
  5. Hi Einstein Thanks, that clears it up so much! I thought this version doesn't have the overlay thing, turns out they just stopped using the word overlay and put it in 'effects'. Thanks! Steph
  6. I know that if I add more clips it will be track 1, 2 etc.. What I am looking for is the "overlay track" so I can make one video play within another. Also "overlay track" does not appear in the grey area above the "track one" in my window.
  7. Hi, I am using a non commercial version of Videopad 3.79, and I can't find where the overlay track is. I have seen tutorials on how to add an overlay track by putting a clip onto an overlay track and another on a usual track, but I can't even find the 'Overlay Track'! Its not on the bottom left hand corner, in my window on the bottom left hand corner are only 2 types of tracks, an audio and a video. No 'overlay track' like in the tutorials. Under the heading Track (between 'Clip' and 'Sequence') there are no such things either, only Solo, lock etc. Also, I was thinking maybe the version chan
  8. I have a number of different questions so I will list them all here rather than a different thread for each: 1. Moving to start of selected clip I imported one video which I then split into multiple sections. I can click on each clip individually, but how do I move to the start of a particular clip? Say I split the video into 3 clips, I select clip number 3. How do I move exactly to the beginning of that clip? Click and drag on the red line/cursor thing isn't accurate enough. The 'home' button goes to the beginning of the entire sequence and Ctrl + Home goes to the beginning of the video's s
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