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  1. Thanks again! Seems as if I´ll have to contact professional support or wait for an update to fix the issue.
  2. Teri, thanks for your reply. No it definitively has nothing to do with the pdf viewer. If I print the (by invoice) generated pdf it is as bold and blurry as on the screen. Below is an example: I´m running Windows 7 and Express Invoice 4.29. Any further ideas? Michael
  3. Hi, I´m having a problem with the generated pdf invoices. In the preview formating is as it should be but after exporting/converting to pdf the text is nearly unreadable. Formating is far from the preview, the entire text is super bold and sort of blurry. If I choose print invoice and select my system pdf printer formating is fine, but this is a pretty dirty workaround and not applicable for automatic email delivery. Changing the default layout settings did not do the job... Is this a known issue? Any ideas how to generate "nice" pdfs? Thank you Michael
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