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    Maybe obvious .. but if you create different folders to send your recordings to, do you use Options ...output to direct Debut to the required folder. You may need to do this when re-opening Debut. Ronster
  2. Hi Fred. Thanks for your reply. I understand your message. I use both removable USB sticks and my laptop hard-drive to store my captured clips on, and am aware of how to change the destination folder between the two. There is ample room on each. But I noticed an update from the version I was using V5.61, ( I think ) to V6.14. This installed but wouldn't accept the registration code for my previous version ! I've been in touch with NCH 3 times and am waiting for a valid code to be sent to me. Still not sure about the Memory Limit reached message, as there is plenty memory/space left on b
  3. Hi. Some help needed here. Been using Debut for 2 years. Never realised there was a memory limit. All my captured video clips are stored on a memory stick. I'm not using a camera. I now can't record any more as I get the message : "Memory limit reached.Try reducing the video source/output resolution or using an other output format " Any ideas to solve this ? Thanks in advance. Ronster
  4. There should be a loop icon on the screen. Click to turn on, or off
  5. It may be because you are recording at too high a sound level.
  6. Weird ! Up until 3 days ago both MixPad and WavePad worked fine. Now when I play back a previously perfect track in MixPad, it's distorted, and breaks up. But it will play fine with Windows Media Player. I have noticed this oddity in MixPad : If my screen cursor is hovered over the main grey area of the screen (where you can see the graphic sound wave ), there is distortion. If I move the cursor with my mouse to the left of the screen, the distortion disappears ! I have sat for several minutes testing this, and without fail the distortion come or goes depending on where the cursor
  7. Previously fine mp3s now sound distorted on playback in WavePad and in MixPad. These same m3s play fine with Windows Media Player. Any ideas ?
  8. Hey Windtalker, I have mixPad and there's no problem dragging tracks around ! Just click and drag either to a different position on the same track or to a different track.
  9. Hi... Wonder if anyone has experienced this... Tracks(mp3s) distorted and breaking up in playback. These tracks play properly in Windows Media Payer, but now not with WavePad or MixPad. In MixPad if my screen cursor is hovering over the main screen during playback there's distortion. When I move the cursor away from main screen the distortion stops immediately...and vice versa . WEIRD ! I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs, and have tried Windows System Restore. Everything on WavePad is still distorted..and on MixPad...it depends where the cursor is on the screen as
  10. I have metronome sounding all through playback. The metronome toggle has no effect. Therefore, the program is useless, till I can sort this. I am not happy !
  11. OK... Using a Roland Stage Piano, I recorded a short clip with the metronome sounding to help. Now, the metronome sounds all through Playback. I cannot get rid of it, as the metronome toggle button has no effect after a recording. The whole program right now, is therefore USELESS to me ! I bought it yesterday. Anyone else experienced this problem? Any advice? Cheers.
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