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  1. Yeah I decided to uninstall and then installed again, now it works correcly, but thank you, I will remember this if something happen again. Thank you.
  2. I have a problem. I am trying to open an old project in the past two days, many times. Clips of processing it normally, but the sound prossesoi forever. I stopped this and started the same four times. In the end, it is the sound being downloaded. Then I have another problem. Clips awfully long time to load. Green line charging is charging, but is interrupted many times, today I have been waiting for three hours, it would work, but nothing helps. This problem started suddenly two days ago to version 5.57 with. I tried to install it again, did not work. Yesterday I upgraded from version 5.58, it
  3. I have same problem! When I try to watch my ''movie'' it just crash and doesn't play it, but I am not sure, what I should do for it, does it help if I change prewiew preset to low quality?
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