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  1. Sigh still nothing. I am using two business entities. None of them are being updated Thanks for your help though...
  2. Hi Teri, Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually the stock is not being updated in Express Invoice. I am adding new items in Inventoria, but Express Invoice is not showing the updated quantity, after the migration. Though the Migration is showing successful.
  3. Hi, I purchased both Express Invoice and Inventoria a while back. I use them them multiple businesses. Currently, I can not migrate the data from the Inventoria to Invoice. I updated both the softwares, and later downgraded them to the previous versions. Current Version of Inventoria: V 3.37 Current Version of Express Invoice: V 3.68 I use them on a Mac system. When I migrate data, nothing happens, but the system shows that it is successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated Schumann Zaman
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