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    Zulu 3.6.7

    Hi, I just upgraded and I've got to say the explorer-like interface on the bottom left panel is very confusing. I'm used to manipulating playlists via external saving and importing. Is the window showing the playlists just showing a defined directory path are they stored internaly by Zulu ? Regardless how the playlists are being stored, the performance has dropped by a factor of 3 while trying to load my previous playlist. At times Zulu wil lock up showing 4 G (50%) of memory usage and 100% CPU usage. ( Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i5 CP M560 2.67 Ghz, 8G RAM, Lenovo Thinkpoad T
  2. Is there a maximum number of songs in a playlist? I've tried to drag and drop another song to my playlist and it seems to work. However the song does not get added nor do I get an error message? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, cliff
  3. Hi, I have a playlist that when viewed in Notepad shows the <feedto> tag always as "Deck A". How can I get it to use the Decks in an A, B, A, B... order when using Autoplay? Without the switching capability, it kind of defeats the purpose of auto playback and the cueing of the next track. I suppose I could edit the XML file to change the <feedto> tag value but that would be a real pain. Am I missing something? Thanks, Cliff
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