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  1. Everything was fine on my old laptop but when I downloaded MoneyLine Plus onto my new one, there is a blank space for the right hand quarter of the spreadsheet. All the information is there; it just doesn't fill the space. It's the only programme I'm having the problem with and I can't see how to sort it. I'd be very glad of some help in simple language!
  2. I've now downloaded the programme and have answered my own questions. Yes, Yes and Yes. For the credit card record, I think I can just enter a minus figure for a credit with a company. Looking good so far. . Next question - There's a list for expenses by payees; I haven't yet found an equivalent list for income other than categories. Am I missing something?
  3. I have a few questions: Is it a UK programme where I can use £ and the date in the format DMY? Can I use more than 3 accounts? Then a more detailed question - with a credit card record - can I enter a credit from a company I bought from in a previous month and not in the present month? Any help appreciated.
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