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  1. I purchased version 5.22 some time ago. I bought the upgrade without a trial after using version 3.05 for years. I was able to select a portion of audio in 3.05 and the cursor would move within the selection. With version 5.22, the entire viewable portion in my window scrolls when I play the selection. I need to be able to lock the scrolling so the cursor moves within the segment. I have been forced to resume using version 3.05 because of this problem with 5.22. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. Lori
  2. Luna, I have the same complaint. I bought the new version, and cannot lock the horizontal scroll. I was able to do this on the older version. This new version is useless to me unless I can lock the cursor to move within the selection. Were you ever able to figure this out? Lori
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