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  1. Just made my first recording - 42 minutes from TV. But when I play bach. the picture disappears after 12 minutes, and instead this text shows up: Screen Recording Mode. And another problem: If I use pathfinder to click at the file, there is no picture at all, only sound.
  2. It does not work. I cannot why the h... I must fight with this again and again
  3. So what can I do, when I do not have "stereo mix"? I think I had it earlier, but now it's disappeared
  4. Thanks for you answer. When you write "tick the microphone box." so you mean that it shall be active (it was active)? If it is active and I click the drop down menu to the right then I can only choose "Microphone (HD Audio Device)
  5. But do you need to tell that and make the system send a mail to everyone telling that there is a new (an completely irrelevant) posting?
  6. I have borrowed a Canon video camera which records on analogue tapes. Can I not use NHC software to transfer it to my PCP Thanks
  7. When I record a video with capture, it does not record the sound - unless I turn on the loud speakers on my laptop, so that I can record via them and the microphone. But of course, I want the sound to be recorded directly from the video. How can I do that?
  8. the video file that I have created Yes, there is a tab, where I can remove a lot, but not these two
  9. When I right click on the file and choose "properties" it show info about owner and pc. How can I remove this info?
  10. I am completely new to this, but so far I have managed to place text on top of my video. BUT the text comes moving in from left to right, and I want it just to stand still, How do I do that? Thanks
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